Square One- a celebration of YOU

Hello! Our names are Liz Johnson and Whitney D’haenens and we are the owners of Confetti Betti, a small business specializing in curated party kits and gift boxes. We believe in the power of people….of community….of relationships….and we want to help cultivate a world in which we connect and CELEBRATE more!

Our local South Bend and Michiana community is so important to us and as such, giving back right here at home is a vital part of our business. We have been thinking a lot about the science of celebration and who in our community might need some celebrating most. This led us to the Juvenile Justice Center.

We are in the process of partnering with the JJC’s new transformation committee to help bring programming to kids in detention. Our awesome passion project will be the creation of a journal we are calling, “Square One- a celebration of YOU.”

This journal will use research based evidence to serve as a reflective gratitude journal. The journals will be a play on the periodic table, with the elements all relating back to expressing gratitude, promoting self esteem, building inspiration, and more! The journal will be gifted to youth as they are admitted to the JJC. We will then be volunteering monthly to provide programming through the journals and the power of the party!

Financé par South Bend, IN (March 2021)