Wheelie Awesome Waminda

So when your family is a bit short on funds - or a lot short! - and you have a bike but it's broken, how do you get around the neighbourhood with your mates? You don't. If you can't afford to take your bike to get fixed, but you can''t afford the bike mechanic and no-one can show you how to fix it, how do you sort the problem? You don't.

Wheelie Awesome Waminda is a project to support young people by teaching them how to maintain and repair bikes, skateboards and scooters, keep them active and outdoors, and enable them to get around to visit their mates without pinching a tight household budget.

Waminda has partnered up with Wheelie Awesome, a local bike repair workshop which teaches local kids with disability to fix their wheels. Bike master Glen will come along to Waminda with some of his crew to engage in a peer based bike repair mentoring program. Glen and the volunteers at Waminda will oversee the project as we get kids teaching kids to fix their wheels, then teach their mates to do the same.

Financé par Melbourne (February 2021)