Micro Electronics Library

The Micro Electronics Library is a project to make micro-controllers accessible to everyone. Micro-controllers, like Arduino and Rasperry Pi are a relatively simple, inexpensive way of interfacing computers and physical objects and are a great way to learn electronics.

Kids and adults need to be allowed to tinker with cutting edge technologies to learn how they work and imagine new possibilities for how they can be used.
The Micro Electronics Library would make electronics more accessible by creating a free, open library of micro-controllers and electronics. The library would function as a small scale tool library, with electronics and micro-controllers listed online using the Local Tools inventory system. Library patrons could check out kits containing electronics for their personal projects and experiments.

The maker space Jigsaw Renaissance has agreed to partner with the library as the physical space where the electronics kits will be stored. The space is in use 24/7 and receives visits from children, artists and tinkerers who would make use of the kits. Volunteers from the Arduino Meetup and Jigsaw Renaissance would be available to help patrons check out electronics kits. I personally will commit to checking the kits biweekly. A new online training course, robocademy.com, will be available as a learning resource for patrons.

Library patrons could either check the kits out to take home or become Jigsaw members in order to use them in the space. Additionally, the entire library could be easily packed up and taken to special events. Members of The Seattle Arduino Meetup have come up with several projects that this could be used for, including taking them to the Children’s Hospital or offering free electronics classes at the library. Having a free library of electronics is just the gateway to a world of even more awesome.

Financé par Seattle, WA (January 2013)