The Girls' edit

The Girls’ Edit will coincide with the week of International Women's Day. The event will be held in Bankstown with the generous, in-kind support of Bankstown Arts Centre. It will focus on creating a safe space that allows up to 100 First Nations, Gender Diverse and Girls of Colour to come together to elevate and celebrate being a Black or Brown young woman.

The lack of representation and underrepresentation of First Nations, Women and Gender Diverse People of Colour can be overwhelming for many adults, let alone young people.

The Girls’ Edit will create a place for young women to hear from emerging and established leaders from various communities and various industries. The conversations will be creative, critical and courageous and aim to challenge the narrative of what it means to be a migrant, with a disability, from the LGBTQI community, from working-class backgrounds and varied religious roots.

Young women will also have the opportunity to choose from electives that focus on STEM, creative and making projects, writing workshops, physical activities like yoga and Zumba as well as continue the courageous conversations in smaller breakout sessions. Not-for-profits and businesses who will be offering young women these sessions are First Nations fitness instructor, T-Boogie, a young Bengali Muslim storyteller from Story Factory, Argentine mum and maker from Roni & Poly and Hawunutu Banguru from Mahawa Creative.

Financé par Sydney (November 2020)