Reinvigorating several Community Gardens in BVHP

Dragonspunk GRO seeks out understaffed, resource deprived community gardens and, working with local residents, revitalizes them. When former community gardens fall into disrepair and become blights on the neighborhood morale suffers and so does the environment – many of these spaces are used as unofficial dumping grounds. This problem is compounded by the fact that the same communities where food deserts are a common feature and community gardens, like a withering rose in the desert, desperately cling to life are the very communities where superfund sites and brownfields are as prevalent as asthma and cancer – two diseases that are usually concentrated in areas such as these. Dragonspunk GRO will engage this problem from the ground up. Literally. After removing dead plant matter and inorganic debris, we test and then repair the soil. We accomplish this primarily through phyto-remediation, organic mulching, establishing an effective composting program, and vermiculture. We then plant native gardens to repair broken ecosystems and offer sanctuaries for beneficial wildlife. Furthermore, we aim to plant nutrient dense foods for the community in need. As you know, Food banks across the nation have seen a remarkable surge in need. This increased demand has taxed many to the limit of their capabilities. In fact, many have been forced to reduce or cease service. The need for the service we provide is ever present. Our mission as it relates to food insecurity is to supplement local food banks with fresh seasonal produce, develop any available unused land into food producing land, provide education in garden management, empower community members to grow their own food and improve their personal food security, coordinate volunteer programs to help with delivery of produce to housebound seniors in need as well as the local un-housed community. We turn the garden into a place of peace, beauty and love for the residents of overlooked communities.

Financé par San Francisco, CA (December 2020)