1000 good deeds

I want to find out what random people do with one Euro that is given to them for doing something good.

I will hand out one Euro to 1000 people on one day with a note saying "This Euro is for you to do something good. Please use it to create positive impact and share your story on www.goodeuros.com".

First of all I want to find out what people do, if they spend it for themselves or others and how.
But more importantly, I want them to think about what it means to do good and to experience how one single Euro can make a big difference if used accordingly. In our time of enormous consumption I want to show how much a single Euro can cause if charged with positive meaning. All stories will be shared and hopefully inspire even more people to good deeds by showing how easy it can be.

Best case scenario: 1000 good deeds happen that day... and maybe even cause more good!

Financé par Berlin (December 2012)