The Re: Club - Re:wear | Re:share | Re:peat

Founded in January 2020, we are two girls from Newcastle on a mission to keep clothing out of landfill.

We are completely reinventing the way we all shop as mass consumers in the fashion industry by recognising that the current level of consumerism isn't sustainable. Our goal is to create a new way of shopping for reloved fashion through beautifully styled pop-up events, educational workshops and our newly launched online shop.

One of the main reasons we founded The Re: Club was because we learnt of what happens to so much of the clothing given to charity shops. Only about 15% is resold in Australia - a small amount goes to the rag trade, and another small percentage gets sent overseas to developing nations - but the large majority of perfectly wearing and loveable clothing items donated to charity end up going straight to landfill. And to make matters worse - this is at a huge expense to the charities who have to pay billions of dollars worldwide each year in tipping fees!

This reality didn't sit right with us - we are all for supporting charities - but we advocate that there are multiple better ways to do so than to dump unwanted clothing on them. We felt something needed to change.

So that's where The Re: Club came in - offering a new way to trade in the clothes you no longer wear via a membership program and be rewarded with points on an account to spend on lots of new re-loved items from our online shop or pop-up events (when we're able to run them again!)...aka free shopping! Not only could households be saving a lot of money on buying items brand new, they're helping to not support unethical fast fashion retailers, keeping items already in circulation for longer and ultimately help to save perfectly wearable clothing from polluting Mother Earth through rotting in landfills.

Last week, we celebrated our first 100 items being re-homed within the Newcastle community and we can't wait to see these figures keep rising :)

Financé par Newcastle (June 2020)