Play the Luka-Kora!

'Luka-Kora Harps' specialize in making 12 string user-friendly instruments that are based on the West African 21 string Kora. Given the therapeutic qualities and sounds of this instrument, Lucas would like to make two instruments to donate to the Working Centre. The House of Friendship is another possibility where Luka-Koras could be donated.

One would be kept at the Queen Street Commons where anybody could strum while enjoying a coffee or tea. The other would go to the Commons studio where Nathan Stretch (a WLU Community Music colleague) works and helps musicians and artists record and make videos in the basement. Luka-Koras are portable, easy to play for all ages, and have a soothing sound which can reduce stress and help listeners feel calm and peaceful.

Financé par Kitchener-Waterloo (February 2019)