Know Your Rights Education

First Defense Legal Aid is a non-profit organization that helps people when they are arrested and held in police custody by providing them with a free lawyer when they call 1-800-LAW-REP-4. FDLA’s goal is to increase the amount of people that get lawyers at police stations as that number is at % 1.5. % 1.5 of people getting legal representation when they are in police custody is an unacceptable number, thus FDLA’s goal is to is to bring that number up. In order to make the number go up, FDLA has a Street Law Corps that conducts outreach such as door-to-door, leafleting, and Know Your Rights Workshops. By doing this, the hotline number has been distributed to a greater number of people. Street Law Corps’ outreach efforts have come a long way and they are reaching more people now than ever before. They are currently hosting weekly youth clubs where youth can come after school to learn about their rights through skits, art projects and other creative means. Creativity is a way to get youth involved and engaged, especially when learning about things that can save their lives.

Financé par Chicago, IL (November 2018)