Ghostskate 2018 Season & Chicago Expansion

Our project is Ghostskate, a community group on that holds a series of more than 30 skateboarding events throughout 8 months, in and around New York City and has opened this year in Chicago! Ghostskate has been running for 8 years and more than 2,700 members in NYC, making it the largest skateboarding group on, and was recently recognized at Meetup's Togetherfest event as one of the top 150 Meetup groups around the world.

Funding will go towards launching our inaugural Chicago Ghostskate season. The events that Ghostskate hosts include beginner lessons, distance skates throughout the city, skill clinics and small competitions. Our staff of coaches help host our calendar of events. We empower our coaches to become more than just members of our community -- we empower them to be leaders. We achieve this by providing them with the proper method to hold an open and accepting event that never leaves a member behind, a framework to announce their events, and a partner to help host the events. By growing our number of community leaders, we provide a regular and reliable series of events, which makes us a reliable resource for people to advance their skateboarding skills and engage with the community around them.

Financé par Chicago, IL (June 2018)