The OECD estimates that 4 billion people are unable to access justice globally. In Australia alone, 170,000 people are turned away from community legal centres every year. At the same time, law students are struggling to access the practical and tech training they need to succeed as lawyers in a competitive market.

ANIKA is our solution to these 2 global problems. She is an online platform that connects law students with disadvantaged clients to provide them with FREE legal advice. ANIKA partners with law schools, offering students practical legal training. Clients submit the details of their case on ANIKA's web app. The matter is assigned to a student who, aided by ANIKA's artificial intelligence, drafts the advice. This is sent to our ANIKA lawyers who review, amend and send the advice directly to the client. Students gains real-world and tech experience and clients receive fast and free legal advice.

In just over 2 months, we’ve secured a major university customer who has committed to implementing ANIKA into its curriculum, paying a fee per student enrolled in the unit, once ANIKA goes "live". 6 other universities have also expressed interest. We’ve developed partnerships with 4 legal-aid clinics who will refer suitable clients to ANIKA. Local councils and community centres have also said they're on board and willing to provide tech assistance to community members who want to use ANIKA.

The necessary customers and networks are in place to really make a difference to the community with ANIKA, we just need the missing piece of the puzzle, the cash (read: catalyst) to develop our minimum viable product ("MVP"). With your AWESOME financial help, we can develop and iterate our MVP to create the best version of ANIKA.

Once "live", ANIKA will be able to deliver legal advice in an unprecedented manner to those desperately in need and alleviate the overburdened legal-aid system in Victoria and in the future, worldwide. Now, that's AWESOME.

Financé par Melbourne (May 2018)