TeleMental Health Services for the Deaf Community

National Deaf Therapy is a Deaf-owned and Deaf operated company. NDT offers Deaf counseling in American Sign Language through web-based counseling services and through our secure HIPAA complaint eTherapy video platform. NDT aims to gain access to Mental Health services for the Deaf community, knowing that it comes with multiple challenges. Communication barriers and cultural understanding between the client and therapists often makes finding help hard for the Deaf. That’s why we created an eTherapy solution, so we can provide increased access to Deaf (DDBDDHH) therapists for our Deaf clients. All mental health professionals at National Deaf Therapy are Deaf themselves and are independent providers with a variety of state business licenses with unique requirements.


What our grantee is saying: "We want all of our audience to have access to mental health resources nationwide. It is our goal to increase access to Mental Health services for the Deaf community but it comes with multiple challenges. With this award, we will be developing more resources. We'd love you to come and check out our website!"

Fondos becados por Disability (April 2018)