AQUAdance- A Modern Dance Water Ballet

My AWESOME project is AQUAdance, an original modern dance water ballet taking place during the Orlando Fringe Festival, May 2018.

This very personal fusion of modern dance and water ballet is inspired by the “aqua musical” films of the 1940s and ‘50s with synchronized swimming and made popular by Esther Williams. An experienced artistic director with a track record of successful performances at Orlando Fringe since its inception, my creative take on water ballet satisfies a longtime and simmering inspiration. I’ll direct, choreograph and design the performances, working with the professional dancers of Voci Dance to create the movement. And we will have the bragging rights as the first water ballet at Orlando Fringe!

Already accepted into this year’s Fringe as a “site-specific” performance, AQUAdance will be performed from May 15-29 at seven ticketed shows at a private pool in a historic home near Loch Haven Park and about 15 FREE PUBLIC POP-UP PERFORMANCES IN PORTABLE BABY POOLS on the Fringe Lawn and at Kids Fringe. Discounts will be given to seniors, veterans, volunteers, artists and Esther Williams lookalikes! The free pop-up performances will be open to EVERYONE and will be promoted by Fringe in addition to my network, so the word will spread far.

I LOVE the challenge of choreographing site-specific work and my AWESOME family of dancers LOVE to work collaboratively to develop the characters in my stories. In my mind, I create a “playground” for my dancers – and this time, the pools and props will make the playground unique.
AQUAdance will be as much FUN for the dancers to perform as it will be for the audiences to watch! Voci Dance has a reputation that brings out audiences to see what they have created, and AQUAdance will be no different. Audiences will be struck by the cinematic shapes created by the dancers in the water, the chorus of water dancers, the pathways, the poolside poses – the kitsch! Expect a few dying swans and giant flamingo floats!

Fondos becados por Orlando, FL (March 2018)