Where are We Giving: A Non-Profit Expo

New York Times Best-Selling author Kelsey Timmerman would like to speak to Piqua about his newest book, Where am I Giving. Timmerman, an Ohio native, has traveled the world to see how people give or donate to charities or organizations, and see their impacts first hand.

To help spread the spirit of giving, Edison State Community College would like to invite Piqua-based non-profits to participate in a non-profit expo at the college, with Timmerman providing an entertaining and conversation igniting presentation on how become a more engaged giver.

By working with the Edison Foundation to contact non-profits, we hope to show how Piqua can begin giving in our own community. The expo will allow residents to see ways they can help in their own community, allow non-profits to network, and provide greater awareness of the impact of non-profit organizations locally and globally.

Edison would like to host this event in April, which should give everyone sufficient time to organize and advertise.

I am unable to attach the promotional flier for Where Am I Giving? to this website, but I will be happy to send it to you as a PDF via email.

Fondos becados por Piqua, OH (November 2019)