Random Kindness Relay

Print the Love is hosting its 1st Annual Random Kindness Relay on Sunday, April 29, 2018 from 1-3pm. Participants will join us for Random Act of Kindness fun on the Greenway in Uptown, spreading ripples of compassion!

Participants will deliver already-assembled Kits of Kindness and gather afterwards for prizes, food, and drinks. Each participant will receive a t-shirt and ideas to do random acts of kindness on their own.

At Print the Love, we see first hand how profound it is for someone to receive an instant photo who does not have access to photos in the international under-resourced communities we travel to. We wanted to bring this same infectious joy to our own community - simple small gift, a random act of kindness, to say "You matter!" to each person we encounter here or abroad.

Some examples of Random Acts of Kindness that participants will do:

*Pick up litter;
*Leave a gas gift card at a gas pump;
*Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter;
*Leave letters of encouragement in random places;
*Hand out flowers with instructions to "give this to someone you love";
*Give a stranger a compliment;
*Leave $ on vending machine or hide in random places;
*Tweet or post an encouraging note;
*Message a genuine compliment to 3 people;
*Text a friend that you are thinking of them;
*Leave a nice comment on a post or blog;
*Write encouraging chalk notes on the sidewalk;
*Tape microwave popcorn to a Redbox;
*Paint and place encouraging rocks;
*Put positive sticky notes on mirrors;
*Post "please take a compliment" sheets;
*Take treats to a nursing home;
*Make cards for senior center;
*Encounter someone in customer service who is especially kind and take time to tell their manager;
*Smile at five strangers;
*Put a plant in a terracotta pot, write positive words on the pot and give it away;
*and more!

Fondos becados por Twin Cities, MN (April 2018)