Brain Storm

Brain Storm is all about letting people see and experience what is happening inside their brain. The project is an interactive installation that creates a real time audio visual storm based on what is happening in someones brain. The project aims to instill curiosity, contemplation, and connection.

The interactive exhibit will be a small phone booth-esque enclosure just large enough for 2-3 people to stand or sit in. Before entering the participant will put on a headband that can measure brain waves, body temperature, and heart rate. Based on these metrics an audio and visual storm will be projected inside the booth and the nature of the storm will change in real time with the participant’s biometrics.

I have already made a prototype of this project and taken it into the wild but I would like to use this awesome grant to improve the project and share it with more people. I want to have the project popup in various locations all over Portland and would also like to collaborate with different art groups, science groups, and nonprofits to share with work with different people in various contexts.

PS. I have images but this page is not letting me upload them no matter how small I make them.

Fondos becados por Portland, OR (January 2018)