Awesome Weekend

December’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to random strangers who will be called on to themselves forward the interest of awesome in the universe, $10 at a time.

Ottawa is one of ten cities in Canada, the United States, the UK, and Brazil where money will be distributed in the same way the weekend of December 9-10 by Awesome Foundation chapters. In each city, pink envelopes will be handed out containing $10 or the local equivalent and a letter encouraging the recipient to do something awesome with the cash. As with all Awesome Foundation awards, the money is being given with no strings attached.

The letter distributed in Ottawa will encourage recipients to tweet about their experience of spreading awesome using the hashtags #awesomeweekend and #ottcity, which you can follow to see what Ottawa residents decide to do.

By encouraging recipients to do something awesome with their money, Awesome Ottawa and participating Awesome Foundation chapters hope to create a ripple effect of kindness and creativity throughout local communities.

Fondos becados por Ottawa (December 2017)