Braw Wee Traders at the Barras

We want to run a pilot for of our Braw Wee Traders project, which will recruit two local lassies from the Calton Area of Glasgow to make/ or source their own products and become Barras Traders. The project ties in with a partnership project with Rock Regen CIC and Glasgow Furniture Collective supported by Glasgow City Council's Stalled Spaces funding - 'Be a Barras Trader'. And our overall aim of supporting the regeneration of the local area. The Braw Wee Traders project is something we've been aiming to do for the past couple of years & we are now in a position to take it forward with help.

The overall aim is to support the regeneration of the Barras and Calton area through training and support of local people to create their own opportunities.

The project will achieve the following outcomes:
Support two young females from the local area to develop their own businesses within the area that they live within with support of an experienced local business.
Support the regeneration of the Barras market through introducing new market traders, with unique products that will encourage new shoppers to the area and ensure that existing shoppers continue to return.

We want to take on two trainee traders at the same time so that they can support each other in their journey to becoming traders, It is hoped that they will initially share the one stall or have stalls beside each other, which will increase the likelihood for them to carry on with being stall holders.

8 full-day training days with the team at Braw Wee Emporium in making stock/ sourcing products; retail display; customer service; developing their branding & marketing material; social media development; retail admin (card payments, cash management, packaging materials, etc.).
4 days trading at the Barras Market with subsided stalls with support from the Braw Wee team.
Braw Wee will support them with promoting them through our own mailing lists, social media sites and business/ community networks.

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