Tooling Up at the Railyard Park

Tooling Up at the Railyard Park" is a straightforward project. The Railyard Park Conservancy has provided stewardship for the 13-acre Railyard Park in Santa Fe for almost ten years. This responsibility requires constant, year-round horticultural and gardening expertise and hard labor to maintain the more than 150 different species of plants and a total of over 7,000 plants. Yardmasters, a group of truly dedicated Park volunteers provide approximately 600 hours of labor every year. But they need good tools to continue to do so. The garden tools and equipment currently being used by RPC volunteers are inadequate, broken or non-existent.

Railyard Park is a neighborhood treasure, serving both residents and visitors to Santa Fe. Hundreds of people find respite from city life, children play, adults attend free workshops and children learn in the Outdoor Science Classroom and at Sand Day Saturdays and International Mud Day. The Railyard Park is also a city location for art projects, both big and small events, movie nights and more. In short, the Railyard Park and its stewards, The Railyard Park Conservancy, are AWESOME.

RPC will use the money to purchase much-needed garden tools and equipment to help maintain the Railyard Park. On the surface, it may appear that the gardens keep themselves beautiful, but RPC is responsible for maintenance and expert horticultural care all of the plants, shrubs and trees in the Park. Much of the labor is generously donated by volunteers but RPC needs to replace old tools and purchase some new ones in order to get the job done.

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