"you've got my eyes" - a dork-punk show-n-tell

WHO & WHAT I'm throwing an event / party: the theme is "dirty back alley science fair swap meet". The focus is on the folks doing research on not-for-the-faint-of-heart subjects or with not-ready-for-prime-time projects. I'm looking to have 10 - 20 tables showing off freaky science / art projects, which maybe are selling things or taking tips.

It's called "You've Got My Eyes", which is a reference to this scene.

If you are reading this, I'm interested in you showing something, helping me find people to show stuff, or help me run the thing.

While this event is free and open to everyone, this will be promoted through word of mouth, personal emails and handed out flyers. No online promotion, e-tickets or social media channels. Think: intimate, but not exclusive. Really want to know how to get there: ask someone who is showing something there!

WHERE AND WHEN The date is Saturday Sept 30, 2017 - Expo from 7-11, dance party from 10 - 1 AM.

It's happening at a ground level space in SOMA.

HOW MUCH? It's a free party. (BUT BRING CASH.)

WHY? Why am I doing this? This is something I want to see happen in the world.

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (August 2017)