Halloween Date

I considered calling this project "Little Dreamers", telling you that it was going to be a celebrity read-athon to combat infant illiteracy, and that if somehow this project fell apart, plan B was to buy costumes for my play.

I couldn't decide whether you would consider this (i) brilliant and hysterical humor or (ii) unfunny disrespect. You'd be surprised how often this question arises in my life :)

I would ask you to consider my project with a macro lens. Does comedy/laughter/art help the world? Assuming you believe it does (if done properly), that's what I want to pitch to you.

The project is a Halloween-themed, dark comedy targeted at adults. If you are an adult who wants to find something thematic to do for Halloween, you can come to this play. Hopefully, you will spend an hour forgetting your troubles. The characters and stories are broad. Nothing too deep or with any socially-redeeming agenda. I do get frustrated with understanding women, so some of the script delves into that. To balance that out, the play finishes with the male protagonist (who embodies my darker thoughts) going to hell. I am willing to add a disclaimer in the play's programme that, if you fund the play, the only idea you support is me going to hell :)

Why is this awesome? It's awesome if you believe laughter is a good force in the world. Hopefully, the actors and audience will have fun with this play, and it will help the local arts scene grow. Because I have no experience putting on a play, I hope that my doing so will encourage others to action some of their dreams. If it did encourage other people, that would also be pretty awesome. You have to give me that! If other people wrote plays, there would be no room to put on any of my work.... which equals world you want to live in!

Final pitch... you know I'm going to submit next month if I don't get the award this month. Do you really want to read another application from me? I didn't think so :)

Fondos becados por Singapore (August 2017)