Beautiful Brown Girls

My awesome project is to begin my own youth program dedicated to young brown girls in North Minneapolis. I will give them the tools to empower themselves as well as one another. They will create functional art, craft and fashion.

I am very passionate about empowering due to the fact that is something that is rarely ever taught. We live in a society where degrading is the norm and uplifting is something that doesn't happen often. Therefore this grant will help me on my journey of creating a empowering program in which we will use arts, crafts, and fashion to express our self love and who we feel our inner, true selves are.

My youth program will be for girls ages (6-10) learning to love who they are. An example of what it would be like is I will teach a segment on hair care and loving their natural black girl texture no matter what messages media portray as beauty. They will design their own hair pieces to wear.
My younger sister as well as local girls from the community are willing to dedicate their time and energy in making my dream program become a reality by helping to leading the girls. I also have a team of grown women who are my advisors who are there to support me throughout my process with my girls group.

I already have over seven girls who want to join my program. We will meet at the parks recreational center. North Commons has already confirmed that I am eligible to use the space to host the workshops. I am talking with my church about transportation and using the church van to pick the girls up as well as myself so that I can assure the girls make it to the recreational center as well as home safely.

Fondos becados por North Minneapolis, MN (June 2017)