TECHNE: Electronic Music Powered by Girls Chicago

We seek an Awesome grant to bring TECHNE, a national music education organization tasked with the mission to give rise to distinct and divergent female voices in the realms of technology and sound, to Chicago. While in Chicago, TECHNE will give three workshops, working in collaboration with three Chicago community organizations. TECHNE will give their most popular workshop, Electronic Music: Powered by Girls to students at the Chicago Girls Rock Camp and students at Intonation. In an Electronic Music: Powered by Girls workshop, students are guided through the process of building and designing a handmade electronic instrument that is uniquely their own, learning to solder and integrate concepts of basic circuitry and instrument design as they create.
In the workshop, students are also introduced to listening and improvisation skills that foreground thoughtfulness, collaboration, and self-confidence.  
For their third workshop, TECHNE will be hosting a Teach the Teachers event, in which they will share and instruct Chicago area arts-educators in the curriculum needed to conduct their own Electronic Music: Powered by Girls workshops. This will engender the Chicago community to  continue to empower young people in the Chicago area.

Fondos becados por Chicago, IL (July 2017)