Living in poverty is stressful because you can never be certain if you're going to be able to afford food and other basic necessities the next day. For kids, living under this uncertainty can affect their cognitive skills on the long run.
Enter Equippo, an improv program for kids and teens in slums. Through improv, young people can learn coping mechanisms and life skills such as creativity, communication, focus and critical thinking through fun exercises. They can also be able to create a voice of their own without an adult telling them what to do.
We believe that regardless of income, every kid should be able to be the best version of themselves. Boys and girls need safe spaces where they can do just that. Where they feel welcomed and not judged. Where they interact with other kids and feel supported.
With the support of an improv teacher that has worked the scene in San Diego ( Spanish is native to her, don't worry), we will bring weekly sessions to a slum in Jalisco, Mexico. Once the group feels ready to perform in public, we will bring the show to various spaces -including public spaces- where they will be able to show the community their skills and, most importantly, that a lack of income does not have to be a limitation for shining on.
We will get written permission from their parents or legal guardians. All proceedings from the shows will be used to keep the program running and pay for school fees so they can finish their formal education.

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (March 2018)