Fomo Cam

Fomo cam is an IoT camera designed to overcome the common feeling at public events that something even more incredible is happening somewhere else. Loosely based on Tween bots we want to build cameras that are given to attendees at public events to record their impression, and then passed on. It's experimental, we don't know how people will respond or where the cameras will be taken. But throughout the event we'll have a live stream of perspectives, we can post online.

Fomo cam will be a large decorated enclosure containing a camera taking photographs at regular intervals. Also in the enclosure will be, mobile data conectivity, auxiliary power and a micro controller to provide visual feedback showing when a photograph is due to be taken. Images will be posted to a monitored social media stream, or bespoke site.

It was conceived with Light Night in mind and we have submitted a provisional application to be part of this years programme. We would also be interested in recording activity at Liverpool Make Fest. The project will be documented on the DoES github account and available for other groups to recreate,

Fondos becados por Liverpool (March 2017)