Conversations With My Younger Self

This awesome project allows art professionals and youth in the Newmarket Community to collaborate in designing and delivering high quality arts education outside of the traditional classroom. This 3-phased project emphasizes engagement by working with youth to co-create meaningful experiences that stretch their minds, bodies, and imaginations.

Phase One - Three Spring Workshops
• Workshops will have a minimum of 20 participants and two trainers

Phase Two - Summer (Open) Rehearsals (25 hrs)
• 12 to 15 youth will develop stories over the summer
• The space will be ‘open’ for anyone who wants to observe the rehearsal process
• Other youth may sit in as assistant directors, stage managers and dramaturges, offering and
• sharing their perspectives and feedback

Phase Three - Three Fall Public Performances in Public Spaces
• Performances will be free for youth and a small ticket fee will be charged for adults ($5/$8)
• All youth will have opportunities to share their talents and learn new skills, and be involved in some creative capacity
• Youth may perform a song in between story-performances
• Youth may host/introduce the new works
• Youth may learn front of house or box office duties
• Youth will participate in feedback and evaluation, collecting testimonials and blogging reviews

Isolation is common for youth who feel they are tackling everything alone without the resources to connect to others. Performances will have interactive components where youth in the audience can share their concerns either publicly or anonymously.

The end result is to develop skills and confidence in youth through the performing arts while working with experienced mentors. This project will foster a network for enriched creative exchange in thought and feelings whilst empowering youth participants to make difficult decisions.

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