Still I Rise

Still I Rise - a documentary feature

Still I Rise is an intimate character driven story about the complexities of human resilience. Araceli and Leah survived child sex trafficking and refuse to be defined by their trauma. Araceli was forced into sex trafficking at the age of sixteen while living in a foster home. Weeks before her 21st birthday, her luck dramatically changes when she meets a social entrepreneur in Oakland who takes her under her wing and mentors her.

Leah was fourteen when she was ensnared in a teenage sex trafficking ring in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today she bravely shines a national spotlight on sexually exploited children in America. Her remarkable story is featured on Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric and BET TV News.

Leah’s and Araceli’s warmth, humor and humanity drive us to take a closer look at child sex trafficking in America, why it disproportionately impacts girls and women of color, and how survivors are at the forefront of the anti-trafficking movement.

Our incredible film team includes: four-time Academy Award winner Mark Berger, Emmy Award winning producer Layda Negrete, editors James Grisom & Maureen Gosling, and UC Berkeley Professor Dr. Nikki Jones. Our goal is to complete the film by summer 2017 and share it with a global audience.

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