Poplar Bank Public School Student Garden

Poplar Bank Public School is a virbrant French immersion school in northwest Newmarket. We have a currently enrollment of 470 students at our school, and we are fortunate to be able to offer many clubs and activities to our students. One such focus is healthy living and healthy eating. We operate a healthy breakfast/snack program called Crunchy Manchu which serves 1000 items each week free of charge to any student who wishes to partake.
In hopes of expanding on the success of this project, we are in the midst of gaining approval from York Region District School Board to build a Student Garden. The garden will help us green an underutilized area of our school grounds, as well as offering a unique outdoor classroom opportunity. Students will be involved in selecting, growing, maintaining and harvesting the garden. Items grown in the garden will supplement the crunchy munchy program as well as donations to the Newmarket Food Bank. Our goal is to encourage lifelong healthy eating habits, teach a skill students can use for life and encourage them to be responsible citizens within their community

Fondos becados por Newmarket (October 2016)