QSB Presents: Slaying Senior Year

"Slaying Senior Year" by Alisha Grech is the first musical of Queen's Students on Broadway's 2016-2017 season! Slaying Senior Year is a musical parody of beloved, cheesy high school-slasher films, pulling elements from titles such as Scream, Psycho, Heathers, Mean Girls, and so many more. It is packed with Broadway and classic rock hits, pulling from musicals such as RENT and bands such as Queen.

Slaying Senior Year was written by second-year Queen's University student, Alisha Grech, with the goal of getting as many members of the Kingston community involved as possible. Following the mandate of Queen's Students on Broadway, who are producing the show, all proceeds from the show go towards youth arts charities in Kingston and youth outreach programs in the Kingston area. With this goal in mind, Slaying Senior Year needs to be as amazing as it can possibly be!

Fondos becados por Kingston (October 2016)