Art Is Moving Orlando

One car (or more) of the SunRail would feature art by local artists: visual art exhibits (framed art, temporary seat covers, translucent window film, videos... ); as well as performance art; theatrical; musical, etc. I imagine this being an ongoing endeavor, maybe monthly, perhaps on 3rd Thursdays tying in with downtown Orlando's gallery hop,* or on 1st Thursdays coinciding with OMA's monthly evening event,* and/or other events in Orlando and surrounding communities along the SunRail's tri-county service area. (*Both examples are conveniently located near Orlando SunRail stops, which is awesome.)

The SunRail's designated "art car" becomes a truly "moving" exhibit and pop-up traveling performance space.

This not only gives creative individuals and organizations a new, well... "vehicle" for their creativity, it also entertains and enhances commuters' travel experience, potentially increasing ridership, and exposes SunRail commuters to arts, culture, and creative goings-on in our area. Local theaters and musical organizations could do short skits that are enticing previews of their upcoming shows, potentially increasing their attendance – a win/win/win proposal.

In coordinating this I would make special efforts to be inclusive – extending creative opportunities to a wide and diverse range of people, especially those who may have fewer opportunities, such as kids & students, people of color, seniors, vets, and so on.

While this awesome project is centered in Orlando, it's also meant to expose Orlandoans to art and cultural endeavors in other nearby communities beyond the city beautiful and vice versa, building partnerships between communities, which is even more awesome.

I am thrilled that SunRail is finally here and am exited to build on its current momentum of bringing people together, giving people greater access to Central Florida's diverse offerings, and building community through public commuting.

Fondos becados por Orlando, FL (July 2016)