Ainsley's Angels in the Red River Valley: Granted

Ainsley's Angels in the Red River Valley is a local chapter of a national nonprofit organization, Ainsley's Angels of America. Our mission is to ensure that children and adults with disabilities/special needs can experience local endurance events. Basically, we pair individuals with disabilities who cannot run a race on their own (for whatever reason) with volunteer runners. Using adaptive running chairs, the runners and riders participate as a team in anything from 5Ks to marathons. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the freedom of running and mobility and that everyone deserves to be includes. We also aim to build awareness about America's special needs community through education, advocacy, and by participating as active members in our local community. Our Red River Valley chapter just started up late last summer, and we're trying very hard to get the word out to people who are interested and can benefit. We are continually working on raising funds to buy the equipment needed so that everyone who wants to can (as we put it) "Roll With the Wind". Our local chapter is responsible for all of our operation cost and equipment purchases. There is never any cost for our disabled athletes to participate. Ainsley's Angels is so awesome because we are all about inclusion, positivity, kindness, and teamwork and fun!

Fondos becados por Cass Clay (August 2016)