arcade of anything

JUEGOS RANCHEROS is an Austin-based community of independent game developers and fans. This year, JUEGOS RANCHEROS began a quarterly artist residency program known as the arcade of anything.

The aim of the arcade of anything artist residency is to provide artists with a month-long opportunity to push into experimental and unexplored territory within digital games, art, and other interactive works. The arcade of anything de-emphasizes commercially-viable products or finished works in favor of strange and wonderful projects that facilitate creative growth, unexpected collaborations, and community engagement.

The arcade of anything is housed at the Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA) in East Austin. Residencies culminate in a public event and the arcade is open during some additional MoHA performances. The arcade debuted during the 2015 East Austin Studio Tour, amusing hundreds of visitors with original games such as Risky Bison (you're an insurance agent to bison in the Southwest, manage your clients and save enough money to buy your grandma a cactus) and Oh Crap No One Loves Me (navigate endless levels of purgatory by throwing your lifeless body through openings and riding coffins through chutes and loops).

Upcoming residency showcase events for 2016 are scheduled July 22 and September 30th. A $1000 grant from the Austin Awesome Foundation will support the artists and the public events planned to share their work with the Austin community.

Fondos becados por Austin, TX (June 2016)