Project Autism - York Region - I Can

The “I Can” Initiative is designed to increase social interaction, learning and development for autistic children and youth. The ‘I CAN’ program is designed to inspire creativity, curiosity and encourage hidden talents with a variety of fun, interactive classes. It is an opportunity for social interaction and fun in a completely accepting environment.

It is about community working together and creating something new and exciting. Together we are creating a nurturing environment that our children can be a part of. There is no judgement and no expectations from them. They are free to be themselves and are accepted for who they are. We encourage them to explore, try new experiences and find the best version of themselves.

Our programs are completely free. Everything we do is done through the generosity of volunteers. This way there are no barriers for anyone to participate. Our programs are geared towards those on the autism spectrum but are open to any special needs children regardless of diagnosis.

Some I Can events we have done in the past are: Painting, Cookie Decorating, and Snowshoeing, The ones we are planning for the near future are: Woodworking, Horseback Riding, Kids Fitness, Scrapbooking and Cooking. We continue to plan more events each and every month.

We would like to do some more active I Can programs including Rock Climbing, Floor Hockey and Curling.

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