The Harlem Free School

The Harlem Free School is a series of place-based micro-sessions designed to encourage freedom of the mental, emotional and social dispositions of Harlem residents. In the spirit of the historical Freedom Schools of the 1960’s, this two-day intensive presents itself, in the form of workshops, gatherings and collaborative creative sessions, to diverse range of Harlem residents at no cost. The Harlem Free School is led by Harlem residents and leverages locally based experts in the leadership of its workshops. Through this proven programmatic model, the Harlem Free School will carve out space for individuals to connect with their neighbors, hone or adopt new skills, and will encourage community investment at an intimate level.

The Harlem Free School will leverage organizations and institutions such as Drum USA Day, Harlem Needle Works, Harlem Needle Arts, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and Revolution Bookstore, as well as leverage individuals such as certified Doula/Yogi Elizabeth Perez and author Mshairi Siyanda to create dynamic and engaging programming. The film that will be screened, A Great Day In Harlem, is an hour-long documentary film that brings to life a remarkable moment in the history of jazz – a moment in which dozens of America’s jazz legends unexpectedly gathered together for a photograph that would become emblematic of the golden age of jazz.

The Harlem Free School will convene in the spring of 2016.

Would you like to get involved? Get in touch with the organizers at or

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