Fluro Friday- OneWave Newcastle

OneWave lets people know they are not alone and encourages them to get in the ocean, surf it out and talk about it.

It doesn't matter whether you're riding a wave for the first time or the hundredth time…you never forget the feeling of being on a wave, letting everything go and enjoying the moment. OneWave is all it takes... To free the funk. To give you hope.

OneWave holds weekly Fluro Friday sunrise sessions up and down the coast to raise awareness for mental health. Newcastle has recently got on board and it's loca lchapter has been growing since late October 2015. We have weekly events where we dress up in the brightest outfits possible and surf/swim/do yoga. Fluro makes people smile and it gets people asking important questions, which are normally avoided about mental health. Everyone is welcome and it is a free event.

Fluro Fridays have been started by everyday people in the community, and we all take on board the responsibility of runnig the session and turning up to be there to support one another. We would LOVE to see the stigma reduced in our local community, and are working hard to create a community where people feel safe, valued and appreciated. A community where the tpoic of mental health is at the fore front and not the elephant in the room. A community which is here to support each other in the best way we know how- saltwater therapy!

Fondos becados por Newcastle (February 2016)