Buddy's Bench

For our first chapter outreach initiative, the Trustees of Awesome Rockport have purchased a “Buddy Bench.” We are donating the bench to Rockport Elementary School in honor of Buddy Garlick, who served as Caretaker at the school for many, many years.

The Awesome Rockport bench will be one of two Buddy Benches donated to Rockport Elementary School this spring in honor of Mr. Garlick. The other bench is being donated by a 3rd grader at the school who was motivated to do something special in response to Mr. Garlick’s passing last year.

Buddy Benches originated in Germany and have now been placed in schools around the world. These benches are meant to be symbols of inclusion and kindness in the schoolyard. As we all know, recess can pose a slew challenges to youngsters. Sometimes a friend is absent for the day. Other times a student might feel excluded. The Buddy Bench is a resource for students that helps facilitate compassion and friendship between students on the playground. It is a symbol all students come to understand as a call from a classmate for a buddy.

Fondos becados por Rockport, MA (January 2016)