Community Workshop: On The Move

NORM is a volunteer run community workshop. The Awesome Foundation has helped us out in the past, helping us run wood and metalworking classes aimed specifically at providing practical building skills to women, youth, asylum seekers and the unemployed. These workshops have been super successful. Our community has been growing and with it the list of skills that can be taught and learnt here; we have since seen our repertoire expand to include things such as 3D printing and ceramics.

We believe in grass-roots, peer-to-peer education. We also know that not everyone fits mainstream education methods and institutions. All of this considered, we want to keep offering alternative pathways to learning. We teach and help others learn to teach. We have seen all sorts of art, design and social projects come to life here!

HOWEVER… development is upon us. Our building is soon to be reborn as an apartment block and we have to move our workshop. Here is where we’d love your help once again.

We’ve found a new home but it needs renovating. We need to build new spaces, including studios (important for both our community and a sustainable revenue stream) and spaces for ‘clean’ crafts such as 3D printing and sewing. We also want to expand our workshop’s potential to house more groups and their various disciplines by adding a spray booth, dust extraction and a panel saw.

Our wish list needs your help to come true!

Help us run better, safer, more Awesome workshops into the future.

Fondos becados por Melbourne (January 2016)