Edu-CAT-ion Dubai!

It's no secret that Dubai is over-run with stray cats, generations of which have lead to feral cats. In 2009, the last statistic we've seen, there were over 150,000 strays on Dubai streets!
While there are good organizations in Dubai now such as Bin Kitty Collective, Feline Friends Dubai, and programs like Animal Project's Trap, Neuter, Release, these all serve the problem after the fact.
Realizing we need prevention rather than reaction and to educate local communities that if strays are frequenting their property not to feed stray animals unless they intend to keep them as pets and care for them as doing otherwise is cruel and only adds to the growing stray population.
How I will use the money:

Over one month period we we will create flyers and distribute across key problem areas in Dubai like Bur Dubai, Deira, and Jumeirah. We will create PSAs advising what to do if families have stray cats in their property and air them primarily on Arabic and Hindi radio as well as English.

Fondos becados por Dubai (July 2015)