Unhoused Humanity

Unhoused Humanity provides the easiest way to house the homeless. One of biggest barriers preventing those who are homeless from transitioning back into a home is not having enough money at one time to put down a hefty down payment (first and last month rent, security and utility deposits).

According to the Point In Time Survey, About 20% of the 805 homeless individuals residing in Tallahassee have a steady income every month – they only need help with the deposit and then they can support themselves without returning to homelessness.

I have started my own “Rapid Rehousing” program that provides eligible homeless individuals with the funds necessary to pay the upfront costs of an apartment. The homeless individuals are carefully selected by case working agencies throughout Tallahassee. The caseworkers go over financials with the client and make sure that their income is enough to continue the payment of rent on their own. The caseworkers then identify appropriate housing for the client and contact me for the funds necessary. I have already been able to house 10 people!

The $1,000 will go directly to help transition eligible homeless individuals into an apartment. These funds can immediately house 2 to 3 people and serve as a momentum boost for the organization. This is the quickest and most efficient way to end homelessness in our community.

Fondos becados por Tallahassee, FL (August 2015)