homobiles app hackathon space

Homobiles provides safe transit to people who, because of their perceived gender or sexuality, are at risk on the street, taxis, ride shares or public transit for whatever they can afford to give.

We are creating an App for easier and quicker Homobiles access that will help safely identify the riders and drivers in the system with photos. We are also adding a way for people to get quick help in emergency situations.

With this money we will rent the LGBT center in San Francisco for a couple of days and during that time we will work on the website interface and App. Our pals the drag queens, burlesque babes, porn starts and the band 'the homobiles' will be there and we'll have lots of snacks and drinks from local eateries. We are planning a fun event where the coders will be entertained during their App hacking.

Our plan is to keep providing emotional and physical safety for people. Ultimately we'd like to become a franchise that will open up safety to other cities in the US and worldwide, where it is often even more of a life or death issue. We have the international trademark and are ready! We can also help create more cash flow opportunities for visibly queer people.

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (August 2015)

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