The City Chalkboard

After high school I moved to Memphis, TN for a brief period of time to attend Memphis College of Art. While in Memphis, I was awestruck by the amount of Community art around Midtown. one of the Ideas I came across was a large scale chalkboard that became an internal and interactive part of the community. My Idea is to incorporate a chalkboard into my mural work to allow a more interactive response from the community. Many cities have a great disdain for public art, thankfully Orlando, the city I, and countless other creatives have chosen as home allows and encourages public art. My hope is to create murals that have a positive message and encourage, creativity, community and diversity throughout the neighborhoods of Orlando, and to have a section of the mural that encourages locals and tourists alike to vocalize their creativity in a positive way. By making the interactive mural a chalkboard, We'll allow for easy clean up and promote community pride. At the moment my website, is used to display my portfolio, I would incorporate "The City Chalkboard" into the website to allow for accessible information and display images of the project.

Fondos becados por Orlando, FL (July 2015)