2015 Adaptive Dance Camp and State Outreach Progra

Keshet has been involved with integrating artists with disabilities and abled-bodied artists into dance programming for the past 18 years. In late July 2015, Keshet will be offering its first-ever, one-week Adaptive Dance Camp in Albuquerque, NM for youth. It will be followed later in the summer by a State Outreach Tour, bringing adaptive programming, performances, and teacher training to three communities in New Mexico. The Adaptive Dance Camp will focus primarily on dance, but will include elements of theatre, music, and performance production classes for 20-25 children between 10 and 18 years old with physical and developmental disabilities. Daily classes in each of these four areas that are tailored to the unique needs of the youth with disabilities will be led by a lead artist supported by artist assistants. The camp will culminate with an original performance open to the public showcasing the talents and skills of these enthusiastic campers.

Following the close of the Albuquerque Dance Camp week, approximately six performers will continue an additional four days of programming to shape their work into a touring production. This touring production will then travel to three communities within New Mexico with a projected total audience reach of 1,000 people. Each community visit will include a traditional performance, outreach classes for community participants, and teacher trainings to support the creation and continuation of adaptive dance programming in these communities. Keshet’s goal is to provide hands-on workshops for at least 300 students of all abilities and backgrounds and provide teacher training to at least 25 educators who are interested in developing integrative dance programs within their communities.

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