How I See OKC Homeless Photography Exhibit

The Curbside Chronicle is a program of the Homeless Alliance in OKC. The Curbside Chronicle magazine employs homeless and formerly homeless individuals through the sale of its publication. Our goal is to employ and empower the homeless and help them transition into housing and further employment opportunities. The Curbside Chronicle also includes articles written by the homeless, about homelessness, and about other social issues in our publication. We hope to educate the community about local social issues with our content. We also host community awareness events that seek to bridge the gap between those experiencing homelessness and mainstream society.

How I See OKC is a photography exhibit showcasing what homelessness looks like through the eyes of individuals in Oklahoma City. Homeless and formerly homeless vendors for The Curbside Chronicle were partnered with local professional photographers and asked to share parts of their stories via photography. Together, they went around OKC capturing photos that represent what individuals experiencing homelessness see on a daily basis in our city. They saw it as a way to raise awareness for homelessness in OKC and put a face and story to the issue. Each homeless participant titled and captioned each photo with what they want their viewers to take away from the image, giving them an avenue to share their experiences with the public. A.K.A. Gallery in the Paseo District in Oklahoma City heard about the photography project and asked The Curbside Chronicle to be their featured exhibit during the Paseo Arts Festival this month. There will be a launch for the exhibit on Thursday, May 21st and it will run through the Festival until the 1st of June. The homeless participants will be present at the exhibit to provide insight into their photographs. We see this as a great way to raise awareness about homelessness in our community. Tens of thousands of people attend the Paseo Festival.We would love OKC Awesome to be our sponsor!

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