Dignowity Hill Farmer's Market

The Dignowity Hill Farmer's Market was established as a grassroots effort by my husband and I in our neighborhood because we found our community was undeserved in healthy food options and health programs. Dignowity Hill lies in a food desert, a community filled with fast food which is also stricken with high percentages of health issues like obesity and diabetes. Our community is also highly represented in minority groups and poverty. All these factors contribute to a low quality of life and we wanted to make a change. The farmer's market was the answer to getting our community to eat healthier, make better food choices and have access to those positive decisions.
We are the only farmer's market in San Antonio who is organic food based and offers health and wellness education and fitness classes through community resources. The community would not have otherwise had access to these food choices or programs if the market was not established.
Our vision is to offer fresh, local and affordable food choices to the entire community. We are officially certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture and by doing so we are able to accept SNAP as payment for the produce at the market. We only offer Texas grown products so we can support local businesses and farmers.By utilizing a public park, we are utilizing public resources and bringing the community together at a centralized location.
We have had 3 successful markets so far and plan to stay in the community for a lifetime. Our efforts will one day show a decrease in disease, health risks and obesity. Please help us make our community aware of the awesome project we have!

Fondos becados por San Antonio, TX (May 2015)