Let's Talk It Out Conflict Resolution Workshop

Let’s Talk it OUT is a conflict resolution program geared towards the adolescent population to help youth monitor, understand, and manage their stress, anger, and other difficult emotions. The objective is to teach them proactive strategies to navigate and resolve disputes, to circumvent verbal and/or physical aggression and to support pro-social skills.

Program Objectives

  • Learn to identify and label challenging emotions such as frustration, anger, and distress
  • Discover ways to effectively communicate anger and other negative feelings
  • Gain skills in constructive problem solving (using ‘rationale’ rather than ‘emotion’ mind)

In conflict, each person needs to feel that his/her needs are a priority and that they are, in fact, heard and valued by others. In most situations, it is only natural that perspectives differ and that individuals will choose varied solutions to problems, whether constructive or maladaptive.

The modules included in Let’s Talk it OUT promote understanding of conflict resolution systems and problem solving process skills by offering participants varied opportunities to separate one another from controversial issues that serve to divide and antagonize each other. Concepts supporting each module are further reinforced utilizing interactive learning tools such as teamwork and role-play.

Specifically, Let’s Talk It OUT offers youth the opportunity to witness the effect of their behavior on others through a real-life peer group setting. Participants are also guided by experienced, sensitive leaders, who encourage learning through step-by-step self-examination, by providing alternative viewpoints, and by facilitating insight and change through experiential learning.

Ultimately, Let’s Talk It OUT strives to break the chain of violence too often resorted to by youth by recognizing that education and constructive action are among the best vaccines for violence.

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