Restoration of the Historic Shiroma Saimin Stand

On our grounds is a recreation of the Shiroma Saimin Stand, a historically accurate food stand of a bygone era. The Shiroma Saimin Stand is part of our school-age educational tours and is a launching point from which our docents discuss how early immigrant families earned monies and created businesses in Hawaii's plantation era. It is the only Saimin Stand that has been preserved on Oahu, and includes donations from the Shiroma familiy such as historic photos, noodle maker, and other cooking implements actually used by the family. Originally built under the guidance of the original Shiroma family whose stand was located in Waipahu's Japanese camp, the Saimin Stand has fallen victim to the elements and termites. Awesome Foundation monies would be used to restore the structural elements of the shrine as well as restore and recreate the signage that adorned the original structure. Our hope is to be able to restore the Stand to be used again as a Saimin serving structure that can be used during our ethnic festivals: New Year's Festival in Spring, Obon dance in summer, Korean Celebration, and/or Keiki Festival. Food is a touchstone of cultural remembrance and preservation in many Island families, and the Shiroma Saimin Stand is a part of our preservation efforts. We would like to be able to allow the public and school groups that visit us daily to return to visiting the Saimin Stand and allowing them to view the interior and the historic objects inside, rather than viewing the stand from a distance.

Fondos becados por Oahu, HI (January 2015)