An Hour For Others

We are a newly registered CIC called An hour For Others. I am founder and director, it is my idea that people donate an amount of time when they can in helping people or organisations across the city who otherwise would struggle to either help themselves or afford to get the help. I am a qualified painter & decorator and am willing to go into the homes of people living in poverty young or old or with disabilities, community groups etc and brighten areas up for them and improve their living conditions free of charge. I put it out on facebook a couple of months ago and within a few days got a database of nearly a hundred people from various sectors with many skills to offer those less fortunate within Liverpool and surrounding areas. We have lawyers, choirs, cleaning companies, directors of childrens services, joiners, roofers, gas fitters, labourers, van drivers, childrens entertainment companies, maths tutors to name a few all willing to get out to the most in need in our communities and use their skills in anyway they can. I have completed our first project alone in west everton community council. i donated 60+ hours of my time and a friend paid for the materials to paint 2 rooms which are used by kids playschemes, stroke clubs, art classes, and bingo for the elderley etc. During this time on our facebook page people have been getting involved by offering furniture, toys, football tickets etc to those worse off. We managed to get tables and chairs which were getting thrown out of BHS and redirect them to West Everton Council, my friend and I donating time in picking them up and dropping them off in his van. We have sent dozens of kids from knowlsey young carers, sefton womens and children aid and west everton to watch Liverpool FC games in the premier lounge with meal included. The kids we were told had great times and were much needed little breaks from the unfortunate situations they find themselves in. We want helping each other to become contagious here.

Fondos becados por Liverpool (December 2014)