The mini festival of graffiti in Artsakh

The Karabakh war and the post-war crisis period have negatively affected the attractiveness of Stepanakert, and some buildings still have unsightly look.
The mini festival of graffiti is a great tool to provide those buildings with modern look, to bring the culture of street art to Artsakh, as well as, to increase the touristic attractiveness of the town.
Some experienced painters will be invited from Yerevan and some local painters and students will join them for the festival. It will become a significant experience for the locals in graffiti, as well as, a small holiday for the people of the town. As a result, the festival will contribute to the development of that culture in Artsakh.
The festival is planned in October. The municipality of Stepanakert and the ministry of cultural and youth affairs of the NKR have expressed their readiness to support the project by any necessary means.

Fondos becados por Yerevan (September 2014)