Say It In Color Art for Suicide Survivors

Our Mission is to facilitate emotional healing through art and creative expression for those who are living in grief, pain, stress and fear.

There is nothing simple about grief. Finding the words to express how you feel can be very complicated. Colors can convey what you can’t say. The colors we choose to represent our feelings, emotions and memories are as unique as each one of us.

YHOA workshops are designed to assist those that are suffering from loss to
process their feeling about grief. Each workshop we will build on encouragement to help participants to continue to explore both negative and positive feelings using different forms of art to include painting, drawing, and collage to express their feelings. Participants create a series of work that brings to the surface his or her own story. Each art form reflects it’s creators unique personal journey. Producing art brings immediate results. Being creative calms us, clarifies attitudes and beliefs, and makes us feel better both mentally and physically, while our paintings often mirror what we keep hidden inside.

Your Heart on Art facilitates the creative process while encouraging emotional healing—and these two paths often intersect when words are not adequate, and pain is too deep. Our mix of artistic development and expression coupled with a creative healing model allow participants to learn a new way of communicating through color that encourages emotional breakthroughs and further enhances the therapy process. Unlike other art programs that employ a loose format of free expression, our curriculum, contains strictly guided exercises and is designed to elicit emotional responses.

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (December 2014)