Food For Thought

Start to finish the people of tomorrow are working to enable their peers and their community. I use gift cards and donations to obtain the food to make the lunches for the less fortunate youth in our community. Not having a lunch puts students at a huge disadvantage. We are trying to change that. While targeting schools that accommodate students living in community housing and newcomers in Canada we can help by providing lunches for those in need.

Food for thought invites anyone in the NHS community to contribute staff and students alike. The hospitality class bakes our cookies, while a team of determined volunteers learns valuable skills as they prepare the nutritious lunches. The community class loves delivering the lunches to various schools in Newmarket and Aurora and have a great sense of satisfaction after doing so.

Food For Thought benefits everyone involved, from the volunteers interacting with other like minded positive peers, to the community class outings and the kids receiving a nutritious lunch that may be their only meal of the day.

Fondos becados por Newmarket (September 2014)